The Birth of Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing originated through the Emerald Heart Light.
David Ashworth channelled the Light in 2005 and created The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

The Mission of the Light

  • To bring ever increasing Spiritual Light to the people of Earth and Earth Itself

  • To Progress the Evolution of Spiritual Seekers

  • To push the Boundaries of our Gifts and Talents

  • To expand our Knowledge and Understanding of Reality

  • To share the Knowledge of our experiences

  • To share the light of the Emerald Heart

David attuned a few people to the light who became Elders of the Emerald Heart Light and one Elder Lynne Shaw was offered by guidance through the light in 2013 Divine Plan Healing which was sent out into the world.

I am only to familiar with having to let things go to allow new energies in myself to know how the universe works and in 2014 the Divine Plan was Handed over to Harriet Kroon another Elder of the Emerald Heart Light. Harriet is a Channel for the love and wisdom of Mary Magdalene as well as therapist, healer, mentor & guide.

Harriet created the Divine Plan Healing School in 2016 and has attuned many people to be Divine Plan Healing practitioners of all levels.

With Harriet’s channelling, The Divine Plan Healing System evolved into working with both the Emerald Heart Light and the Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene.

Divine Plan Healing has now evolved into ‘Divine Plan Healing, Training and Healing Academy’ of which Alexandra Meyn is the head of as well as the Heart of Divine Plan Healing, being chosen by the light to take over this role.

Divine Plan Healing Academy