Choosing a Healing Target

Whatever you choose being prepared to take the chance in the first place as there may be a period of unrest following bringing positive changes after! And speaking from personal experience the Universe favours the bold!

Healing Targets a very important part of a Divine Plan Healing as the Light will work on whatever you ask for & formulating the right wording is key.

You may have the thought ‘I just want rid of everything that is not serving me’ this is not a suitable target as the light may well tip you over the edge as it brings everything you have asked for into your awareness.

Specific targets are much more effective,  there are a number of categories you can choose from and I would not recommend more than two at a time but not of the same category.

Here are some sample Healing Targets


Letting go of a pattern, belief or worries eg anxiety over money and poverty consciousness etc.

Help with writer’s block or asking to unlock creativity

Mental Clarity

Dissolving Fears and or being judgmental of yourself and others

Finding focus, determination and strength


Help with unbearable grief

Opening heart to receive pure divine unconditional love

Feeling safe in Intimate moments

Finding Peace/self love/faith/calm

Forgiveness of self and others

Letting go of unhealthy relationships


Help with Healing Process for painful limb or continue process

To bring causes of disease/illness into your awareness

Dissolve the cause of ….

Guidance to right Eating or Exercise Plan

Help with the synchronicity of a future event/interview etc. to go smoothly

Initiating the body’s own natural healing abilities


Improve connection to God/Universal Energies/angels/God-consciousness

Helping with connecting to intuition

Help on spiritual path/finding your true path/purpose

Help with connecting or balancing divine feminine/ masculine side


Help with balancing Chakras/Auras/Energetic body/Grounding

Highest Good

If you have no specific issue you could ask for your highest good, I would just point out that if you are tolerating something that is not for your highest good for example a relationship, job or other situation then you may get more than you bargained for!

It’s Paramount to nurture yourself after the healing as the light creates situations and accept whatever is presented with Love whether it be Anger, Hate, Grief, Sadness or Frustrations.  The majority of us have been raised not able to voice our feelings, its OK to feel and experience what is known as shadow aspects, the bits we don’t want others to see because of fear of being judged as a bad person and knowing that the healing is doing its job bringing awareness to what needs to be cleared or released, it will be short lived as it passes through the physical body.

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