What is it?

A Divine Plan Healing is a six week healing journey which helps you step into your own Divine Plan, it brings so much more than healing, it opens your Heart and Consciousness at the deepest level. 

It works with the Emerald Heart Light and The Divine Love & Wisdom of Mary Magdalene.

The Light penetrates at the deepest core, it purifies issues and solves them in your consciousness, both of your current life and previous ones. The More Healings you receive the more veils of consciousness will be lifted.

Fifth dimensional light transcends time & space and where as in the physical realm we live in there is dense energy of anger, hate, depressions, fear, anxieties and  illness etc in the fifth dimension there is only light, truth, love and healing.

The Divine Plan works with The Fifth Dimensional Emerald Heart Light as well as the Divine Love & Wisdom of Mary Magdalene.

For the start of your Initial Healing journey allow up to two hours, after a brief consultation to assist you with choosing a healing target, which may be emotional, physical or spiritual, for which more information is available on the Healing Targets Page.  I invoke the light with Respect, Mantras & Prayers, bear witness to the healing for which the times vary with each individual, the healing is then sealed and is closed with gratitude.

Then your responsibility begins as the contract between you & the light encourages you to take responsibility for your own healing journey which is continued for 6 weeks with a Divine Love Essence to be taken 3 times a day. Each time you take the essence it sends a signal to the guides that you wish to continue.  I recommend keeping a journal during this time and advise not to undertake any other healings during this time to give respect to the healing light. There will be a follow up consultation 4 weeks later

Look forward to seeing you all – many blessings



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