The Two Pillars of Divine Plan Healing
are The Emerald Heart Light and Mary Magdalene

The Emerald Heart Light operates in The Fifth Dimension

Dimensions are levels of consciousness that vibrate at different levels, the fourth and fifth are simply higher than the one we live in.  The Emerald Heart Light is the foundation and driving force behind Divine Plan Healing

  • Unlocks and opens your heart for the new

  • Reveals your deepest truths

  • Connects you with your creativity, gifts and talents

  • Identifies your purpose on Earth

  • Highlights what’s holding you back

  • Helps you move through your Issues

Mary Magdalene

We are in the Goddess Age balancing feminine and masculine energies,
this is where Mary Magdalene reaches out to us with her partner Yesua offering us her unconditional love and support.

  • Balances self doubt with self love

  • Creates Inner Security & Love

  • Balance your Feminine & Masculine aspects

  • Instils a gentleness culture

  • Creates Inner Balance with those around you

  • Encourages Self Respect and Worthiness