Divine Love Essence


Divine Love Essence is a key of liquid light which contains the Emerald Heart Light and the Vibration of the Mother and Mary Magdalene




How to work with A Divine Love Essence 

The Divine Love Essence opens your heart and expands your consciousness, it helps with feelings of worthiness and helps you live your truth with courage.  As your heart opens it helps you see the truth of your life, as well as finding your true purpose and fulfilling your true potential.

You can work with an Essence with a Targeted Divine Plan Healing which you take for 4 weeks after your healing, every time you take your essence it sends a message that you still wish for you healing to continue 

You can also work with the Essence Independently of a Healing for 4 weeks to open your heart and consciouness.

You take three drops three times a day in water until the bottle is empty