Divine Plan Healing


A Healing Target will be discussed prior to the Healing Session

Your in person Divine Plan Healing Session will be at a mutually pre agreed time and place, allowing up to two hours for the Healing to take place.

A Goddess of Light Essence is included in the price.

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During your Healing Session I invoke the light with Mantras and Prayers, invite you to be open and receptive of the light and to release what you are asking for in your healing target.

I place a Divine Plan Healing blanket over you and step back to witness the healing with the light and yourself.

The light unlocks & opens your heart bringing into your consciousness external issues which I offer up to light, the healing is then sealed & you take three drops of The Goddess of Light Essence after which the healing session is closed.

The contract is then between you and the light encouraging you to continue the healing with The Goddess of Light Essence taking three drops three times a day, as well as keeping a daily journal.

A follow up consultation will take place 4 weeks later. 


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