Spirituality In Jeans

Spirituality In Jeans has been created for you, born out of making the most out of every day.

To Inspire and empower you to take charge of your own life, be open to the possibilities to creating new beginnings and start to live the live you really want to.

By being aware of how your internal dialogue has a massive effect on what you attract in your lives, what behaviours you can change and daily habits you can start to make a difference 

I offer down to earth spiritual teachings and have become disappointed with the way spirituality is sometimes portrayed and would like to dispel a few myths! After all everyone’s view on spirituality is different.

to be spiritual you do not have to 

  • Wear mala beads
  • Be a yoga contortionist
  • Change your name to shiva, Lakshmi or Melchizedek!
  • Dance around with flowers in your hair!
  • Join any kind of spiritual group or sect
  • Disappear for 12 months in a cave to find yourself
  • Shave your hair off
  • Wear flowing robes
  • Meditate or chant for hours on end
  • Surround yourself with layers of protection and excessive rituals not to attract negative energy
  • Put yourself last

My interpretation of spirituality is

  • Living your best life
  • High intentions and highest good
  • Learning to cope in difficult every day situations
  • Letting go of excessive control needs
  • Looking after your own needs
  • Healing yourself & Learning Self love
  • Being kind to yourself and others but not to your own detriment
  • Unlearning what we have believed to be right that is not
  • Love, Joy, Compassion, Truth, Laughter
  • Health, Movement & more laughter!
  • Living from your heart
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Allowing yourself to be still now & then
  • Switching off from all distractions to allow yourself to truly connect and feel
  • Making friends with difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, frustrations, grief, hate
  • The end of berating yourself and much much more
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