• Change can be challenging and fear debilitating but it is achievable  by being open to the possibility and learning new ways of thinking. Are You Ready? Book your session below and I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time.
  • The Goddess of Light Essence is a key of liquid light which contains the Emerald Heart Light and the Loving Energy of Mary Magdalene  
  • In a group Healing Session you can choose your own individual Healing Target. The amount of people for a group healing is a minimum of two. Goddess of Light Essences are available for £25.00 including postage  
  • Have an event coming up soon that you want to go smoothly? A Divine Plan Event Healing can help with that, some examples of event healing are:- A house move A wedding Book or new business launch An interview Exam/driving test An operation An Event Divine Plan Healing is a distant Healing Session so is conducted remotely.  
  • Your Remote Divine Plan Healing Session includes 30 minute consultation to set a Healing Target. An hour healing A Goddess of Light Essence which will be sent out prior to your Session 30 minute follow up call in 4 weeks
  • In person Divine Plan Healing Sessions are available in North Wales only Your session includes 3o minute consultation to set your Healing Target 1 hour Healing Session A Goddess of Light Essence 30 minute follow up session after 4 weeks


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