• A divine Plan healing is a six week healing journey which helps you step into your own Divine Plan it works with a fifth dimensional light the Emerald Heart Light and Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene Energy, bringing in the Divine feminine but balancing with the divine masculine.
  • This Consultation is for people who are ready to take responsibility and invest in their futures.

    Change can be challenging and fear debilitating but it is achievable  by being open to the possibility and learning new ways of thinking. Are You Ready? Click the link to book your new beginning
  • Divine Love Essence is a key of liquid light which contains the Emerald Heart Light and the Vibration of the Mother and Mary Magdalene
  • Quora soap bars are made with natural ingredients, essential oils and spring water, containing the DIVINE LOVE essence from the Divine Plan Healing School. This essence and therefore this lovely soap carries Emerald Heart Light.         
  • In this day and age of Materialism and Fast results we can quickly create lessons on patience with wanting to jump ahead all the time. Transformations take time and I myself have experienced Burn Out on my own path so I have designed ‘Real Life Rocks’ Course to give your Physical Body, Emotions and Spiritual Growth time to evolve and adjust over a period of eight weeks.

    Your investment for this life evolving course is £499 

    I look forward to working with you!

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